Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Strictly Sail Chicago - January 23-26 - Getting you on the water!

At Skyway we want boaters to get the most out of Chicago's short season.  That means ensuring that your repairs are done on time so you can leave the dock when you are ready. After all, pleasure boating should be easy and we want you to use your boat.  Help us get you going and think about what you need done--tell us when you arrive in  the fall.  Keep a list over the summer.  It's easy.

But getting boats into top shape is only half the battle. We also love to spend time on the water with our customers, and after the success we had with last year's inaugural J/Day regatta, we're sponsoring a few new events with the idea of getting people boating.

May 10 - Dash to the Dock
Even if you only use your boat a few times a season, you're definitely going to take at least one trip -- from your yard to the harbor. If you are at Skyway, this could be one of the highlights of your summer! Join us for the first annual Dash to the Dock, a fun race from the Calumet Harbor Break wall, to a finish line off the Shedd Aquarium and then come to the Columbia Yacht Club dock. Non members are welcome for this event! We will have helpers on hand at the yard to get you rigged, activities in the yard to keep the kids busy, and experts at Columbia to help resolve any minor issues that may arise on your first shake down of the season.


June 28th - 2nd Annual Skyway Yacht Works J/Day Regatta
A fun regatta for J/Boats of all sizes, unconventional courses make it a great event for a family day on the boat. Beginning with a pursuit race to pit the full range of J/boat designs against one another, fleets are then split for a slightly more conventional course race with a Frisbee tag component. Round out the day with a race to  the Columbia Yacht Club for awards, cocktails and food afterwards.

August 16-17 - Waukegan Rendezvous
While racers have no shortage of excuses to get off the dock, cruisers are often left to fend for themselves and that's just no fun. Sailing is better with friends! This year, Skyway is starting our Waukegan Rendezvous. Begin the cruise to Waukegan Harbor under the canopy of Chicago's Air and Water Show, and be met with food, friends and games for the kids . We'll all cruise back together on Sunday and, and with any luck arrive at the point in the show where we left. This is a great opportunity for families to get away together on the boat, racers who want a break, new boat owners who appreciate the safety
of a convoy for their first cruise, or anyone looking to escape
the city for a night.

September 13th - 3 Crib Fiasco
Most of you may be familiar with San Francisco Bay's "3 Bridge Fiasco", a free-for all pursuit race where all sorts of boats race each other on a course that is only defined as 3 marks that can be rounded in any order in any direction. We're not going to lie, we think it's a great idea and we're stealing it. Skyway Yacht Works will be hosting the first annual 3 Crib Fiasco on September 13th. This race is open to anyone. Want to race your J/24? Great! Want to come out with your TP52? Awesome! Want to go around the cribs in a Vanguard 15? More power to ya! Windsurfer? OK!
We'll provide a start line, a safety boat and a party. The mayhem is up to you!

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